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Tormach PCNC 770 Series 3

Cost To Use

Receive training, bring your own raw materials, bring your own cutting tools, and pay for anything you break.


  • Restricted to members only.
  • You MUST BE TRAINED before using it alone. Ask for help from those who have been trained, and contact the Area Captain to set up an appointment for your training.

The Tormach Use Information page contains more detailed instructions.


Visit the Tormach website for full specifications. Highlights:

  • Travel: 14" X, 7.5" Y, 13.25" Z inches (roughly 355 x 190 x 335mm)
  • Feed rate: 3400 mm/minute (X & Y), 2800 mm/minute (Z)
  • Spindle: 10k RPM, 1.0 HP

Tormach PCNC mills can be configured many different ways. This one:

  • Uses metric units.
  • Has a standard Tormach enclosure and stand.
  • Has a manual drawbar.
  • Has a Trico MQL rather than a flood coolant system, but specifying "Flood" coolant will activate it.
  • Has a SMW 770 aluminum fixture plate mounted to the table.
  • Does not have a fourth axis.
  • Does not have an automatic tool changer.
  • Does not have automatic tool setting or digital probing.

The spindle has two belt positions covering different speed ranges with different power outputs. According to internal PathPilot configuration files, we should expect:

Belt Speed Power
Low 175 RPM 0.1 HP
800 RPM 1.08 HP
3000 RPM 0.92 HP
3250 RPM 0.75 HP
High 525 RPM 0.25 HP
3000 RPM 1.0 HP
3600 RPM 1.0 HP
10200 RPM 0.4 HP

Materials Information

The Tormach PCNC mill can cut aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with varying degrees of difficulty. It can also be used for machining plastics. Please do not cut wood or other organic materials.

Current Status

  • Limited availability. Contact an area captain for information.





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