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NOTE: This page is still being updated and expanded to include information on what tools are in what areas, who the area captains are for those areas, the 'tool privilege' (red/yellow/green tags) requirements for each tool, the list of persons who can grant red-tag privilege for each tool, specs and manuals for the tools, and lots more information. That's a lot of work, so please be patient...

Certain tools require membership and Rockford MakerSpace training to use. Details are on the following page:

Many of our tools require design or operating software to use. The following page has a list of free or open source software.

There are a number of sites providing free graphics which can be used with the laser cutter/engraver, 3D printer, etc. The following page lists some of our favorites.


Area Captains: Kevin Holdmann, Jake Ellenberger


Laser Cutting / Engraving

Area Captains: Bob Wise, Daniel Smith


Links to free vector graphics

Electronics Lab / Classroom

Area Captains: Eric Williams, Rob Wise


3D Printing

Area Captains: Jake Ellenberger, Daniel Smith


Screen Printing

Area Captains: Bob Wise, Rob Wise


  • basic screen printing supplies

Links to free graphics

Arts & Crafts

Area Captains: Ozzy Smith, Sonnie Glusman


Links to free graphics


Area Captains: Sonnie Glusman, Ozzy Smith



Area Captain: Rob Wise, Daniel Smith


NOTE: The following was what was on the old wiki. We need to go through this and clean it up, then move each item to the appropriate areas, above. That's a lot of work, so please be patient...

What we currently have

Note: This list may not be up-to-date or guarantee that we have something. Equipment could belong to you, a company, or someone else, and they are free to take it back (after loaning it) any time.

See something missing here, but wish to see it? Well, may your wish come true!

  • Portable Table Saws (2)
  • Grinding wheel
  • Grit blasting table
  • Air Compressor (1 working, and 1 bigger one needs help)
  • Coffeemakers (2 Mr. Coffees, 1 Keurig K10)
  • Manual Forklifts (1 or 2)
  • Various materials and supplies, some for reuse or broken down equipment
  • Some tables and tool racks
  • ShopVacs (2)