Tool Privilege & Access

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RED - Tools that may only be used by members that have had complete training on a tool. (A trained member is one who has been trained and checked out by the tool's Area Captain.) Person's name should be put on the approved list for that tool.

YELLOW - Tools that may only be used after a member or guest has been checked out on a tool by the tool's Area Captain (or an instructor-level member). Person's name should be put on the approved list for that tool.

GREEN - Tools that may be used by any member or guest without requiring prior check-out or training. Note that these tools are typically not marked with any color coding.

Note: Some tools may have been added or removed, or had their usage restriction changed, since this list was last updated. Please refer to the specific tool's page accessible from the Tools and Equipment page.


  • laser cutter
  • metal lathe
  • miter saw
  • radial arm saw
  • router table
  • Tormach CNC mill
  • vinyl cutters
  • wet tile saw


  • 3D printer
  • abrasive blasting cabinet
  • bandsaw
  • belt sander
  • bench grinder
  • corded drill
  • cordless drill
  • drill press
  • handheld power tools
  • manual metal mill
  • mortising machine
  • oscilloscope
  • soldering iron
  • table saws


  • any non-powered hand tool
  • soldering iron