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Membership Rates

We offer a tiered rate structure, ranging in cost from $5 to $50 per month. Here are the rates and benefits of each tier:

Guest / Visitor

Casual Maker

  • All benefits of Guest/Visitor
  • Access to all tools, including (after training) member-only "red" tools
  • discount (usually 50%) on workshops and classes
  • Ability to host 1 guest
  • $5 per month

Full Maker

  • All benefits of Casual Maker
  • Key fob for 24/7 access
  • Ability to host up to 2 guests
  • One shelf in Member Storage area (upon request and subject to availability)
  • $35 per month (discount available, see below)

Power Maker

  • All benefits of Full Maker
  • $35/month credit toward resource use fees
  • $60 per month (discount available, see below)

Plus One Maker

  • All benefits of Full Maker
  • Must be member of same household
  • Limit of one Plus One Maker per Full/Power Maker
  • $20 per month (discount available, see below)

Youth Maker

  • All benefits of Full Maker except for hosting guests
  • Ages 16-17: must be hosted by a member and have a signed parental liability waiver on file
  • Ages 13-15: must be hosted by a member, must have a signed parental liability waiver on file, must have a parent/legal guardian present and must have an adult member (which may also be the parent or legal guardian) willing to host them present while at the makerspace.
  • $10 per month

Founder's Club

  • Current Founder's Club members will pay their current rate for the duration of the 12-month commitment with the benefits of a Power Maker membership
    • Members who joined before February 28, 2018, participated in the "making" of the makerspace, and had their contribution approved by the Operations Committee will enjoy a reduced fee of $30 per month for the first 12 months of their membership.
    • Founders Club members who qualified for a reduced membership rate (such as Educational, Senior or Veteran) will enjoy a reduced fee of $20 for the first 12 months of their membership.
  • See our Grand Opening press release for more information.

Prorated Fees

In order to simplify our fee structure and billing for those who join during the month, we have established the following prorated fee schedule for the first partial month:

Joined (Day of Month) Casual Maker Full Maker Power Maker Plus One Maker Youth Maker
1 through 10 $ 5 $ 35 $ 60 $ 20 $ 10
11 through 20 $ 5 $ 20 $ 40 $10 $ 5
21 through 31 $ 0 $ 15 $ 25 $ 5 $ 5

Discounted Rates

Growth Credits

In an effort to encourage member participation in the operation and growth of Rockford MakerSpace, participating in any of the following events will qualify Full members, Power Maker members and Plus-One members to receive a $10 rebate ("Growth Credit") on that month’s membership dues. Many of these events require participation by multiple members so we expect ample opportunity for most, if not all, members to participate. Other events will be added as they become available. Some events may require signing up in advance for scheduling, and those sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Acceptance of your participation is at the discretion of the Operations Committee.

  • Outreach Events - Including, but not limited to, maker faires, STEMfest, Discover Engineering Day at The Discovery Center, Stroll on State, Rockford City Market, Art Scene
  • In-house Events - Including, but not limited to, presenting classes (successfully), assisting with classes (where required), staffing open houses, giving tours, etc.
  • Facilities Support - Including, but not limited to, housekeeping duties, pre-approved facility or equipment maintenance or upgrades, etc.

Referral Bonus

Any member that refers a new member (or a former member whose membership has been inactive for at least one full year) is eligible to receive a referral bonus credit equal to the new member's first full month's rate once that new member has completed three full months of membership.

Special Discounts

Our membership prices cover only the cost of maintaining our space and its utilities, and do not extend to supplies, special workshops, or events. If you have a special financial circumstance or are unable to pay dues for any reason, please contact the Operations Committee ( as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your situation.

Commercial Memberships

Please contact us for more information about memberships allowing commercial use of the space.

Corporate Memberships

Please contact us for more information about providing MakerSpace memberships as a benefit for your employees.

Handling Fees

We charge a one-time fee of $5 for each key fob or card issued, charged at the time of issuance.

There are no recurring or other handling fees at this time.