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Micro by M3D

Cost To Use

  • $0.03 per gram of filament for RMS-provided filament
  • $0.02 per gram of filament for user-provided filament (to cover printer operating cost and "wear-and-tear")


  • You MUST BE TRAINED before using it alone. Ask for help from those who have been trained, and contact the Area Captain to set up an appointment for your training.


  • Supports Tough 3D Ink, PLA 3D Ink, Carbon Fiber 3D Ink, Color Changing Chameleon 3D Ink, ABS-R 3D Ink, and for expert users, ABS and Nylon and other industry standard materials.
  • 50-350 micron layer resolution
  • 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy
  • Filament: standard 1.75mm. 1/2lb rolls fit within print bed and allow you to try a variety of materials and colors for less! Standard filament rolls also supported.
  • Print height: 116mm (4.6")
  • Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm
  • Print Area Above 74mm: 91mm x 84mm
  • Removable Print Bed Size: 128x128mm
  • Printer Dimensions: It's a cube, 7.3 in (185 mm) per side.
  • Printer weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs)
  • Package weight: 2kg - 2.7kg (4.4 lbs - 6 lbs)
  • USB Compatible
  • File Types Supported: .stl, .obj
  • Compatible with Mac and PC

Accessories Available

Recommended Settings

Materials Information

Current Status

  • Not available


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__/__/17 - Purchased