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NOTICE: All members using the Forging area are expected to join the forging channel, AND refer back to this page frequently to keep abreast of important notices, changes, warnings, etc.


  • Many of the tools and equipment in the Forging area are EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS. Misuse can cause serious injury or property damage.
  • Persons entering the Forging area must dress appropriately, including wearing/using the appropriate protective equipment
  • Use of the Forging area, and the equipment therein, is at the discretion of the Area Captain. Failure to follow the rules and proper procedures is cause for immediate removal from the area and revocation of privileges in the Forging area.
  • Willful disregard for these rules and procedures may be cause for immediate termination of Rockford MakerSpace membership.
Safety goes beyond a set of information and rules to memorize. Safety is a culture.
You live it by learning it, and learn it by living it ... so that you and others can go on living.
SAFETY is very important!

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check back regularly for updates.

General rules for the area

  • Use of the Forging area may be restricted when such use would interfere with a training class or other event in an adjoining area. Examples would include training in forging (obviously), welding, ceramics, woodworking, etc.

Lighting the forge

  • make sure all valves are closed
  • open tank valve 1/2 turn
  • open forge until you hear hissing sound
  • light with lighter
  • adjust flame

8" grinder

  • wear safety glasses!
  • be aware of the direction the wheels are turning
    • one wheel is a grinding wheel and the other is a wire brush
    • it's easy to get a tool caught up and thrown; it could easily hit you
    • if grinding a knife blade, be sure to keep the cutting edge facing the same direction the wheels are turning

4"x36" belt sander

  • used only for final finishing of knife blades
  • do NOT change sanding belts until you are shown by the Area Captain

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check back regularly for updates.