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== The Library ==
== The Library ==
* [http://www.rockfordmakerspace.com/books/ Books] - We've got a few physical books
* Books - We've got a few physical books
* [[What is the Digital Library?]]
* [[What is the Digital Library?]]
* [[Files]]
* [[Files]]

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This is where you can find just about any information on our makerspace, our community of makers, and our history. You can head back to our main website here.

General Information About Rockford MakerSpace

Our Shop and Equipment

Member Info

Board of Directors and Operations Committee

Starting a Makerspace?

Great idea!

We got a lot of guidance from The Bodgery in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Library

We're on the internet

This wiki borrows from The Bodgery wiki. We are very grateful for their willingness to share.