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Members: Please help complete items on this list when you have the time. Please check with the appropriate Area Captain first. Also, if you think of something that you think needs to be done, please add it to this list.

Non-members: We always appreciate anyone who is willing to help us out with these chores! Please check with the appropriate Area Captain first.

Please see the To Do List for routine chores.

One-Off Tasks

  • install proper entry door on 1st floor
  • design, construct and install a more permanent sign for above the entryway
  • ground the laser cutter/engraver
  • install electrical outlets in woodworking area
  • update loaned tools log and fill out appropriate forms
  • install fluorescent lights (per specifications for planned automation system)
    • electronics / classroom area (2 to 4)
    • 3D printing area (2)
    • CNC area (2)
    • 3rd floor (?)
    • woodworking area (12)
  • determine electrical layout (that is, what breakers control what)
    • 2nd floor breaker panel (in process)
    • 1st floor breaker panel
  • install electrical outlets in crafts area (in process)
  • install kitchen stuff:
    • new base cabinets
    • new counter top and sink
    • wall cabinets (aka, cupboards)
  • sort through and organize the hardware in that big metal tool box on the 1st floor
  • install compressed air plumbing system in wood shop (Rob and Michael will do this)
  • install dust collection ductwork in wood shop (Rob and Michael will do this)
    • need to get the appropriate materials
    • and connect to all appropriate tools, etc (Rob and Michael will do this)
  • add features to website
    • add online version of Guest Liability Waiver (Rob will do this once format is finalized)
    • add online version of New Member Registration form (in process) (Rob is working on this)
    • put Project Proposal form online to more widely disseminate info (Rob will do this)
    • add books database feature (in process) (Rob and Bob are working on this)