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Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors is:

  • President: Kevin Holdmann
  • Secretary: Jake Ellenberger
  • Treasurer: Aaron Carlin

To contact the board, email board@rockfordmaker.space.

Rockford MakerSpace also has an Advisory Board of community leaders and experienced makers to keep us tied to our mission and the larger community - Rockford, statewide, and nationally.

Operations Committee

Overseeing day-to-day operational and membership issues is the Operations Committee, consisting of most Area Captains and possibly other advisors.

To contact the Operations Committee members, email operations@rockfordmaker.space.

To contact the Operations Treasurer, email treasurer@rockfordmaker.space.

Area Captains

Rockford MakerSpace has 'Area Captains' who oversee the activities in each of our many areas. The emails listed will go to all the captains of an area.

3rd Floor
  • Storage room: No captain needed. Overseen by Operations Committee

2nd Floor

1st Floor


  • Automation System: Rob Wise, Bob Wise
  • Building Infrastructure (electrical, plumbing, etc): Kevin Holdmann
  • Events/classes: Rob Wise - events@rockfordmaker.space
  • IT Systems:
    • PCs, access control and security systems, member database, POS system, ERS and MPS, etc: Rob Wise
    • servers, networking equipment and infrastructure: Brian Latham
  • Quartermaster: No captain needed. Overseen by Operations Committee

Area Captains are responsible for:

  • Physical organization of the area
  • Maintaining wiki for equipment and general area rules
  • Checking in/out loaned tools/equipment
  • Organizing training and workshops as needed (offered at least once per month, either formally or informally)
  • Being available at Open Shop times at least once per month
  • Encouraging that safe practices are followed (via training, wiki, signage)
  • Ensuring basic supplies are on hand
  • Maintaining an equipment “wish list”
  • Being available for open houses and other events when possible.

Area Captains do not necessarily need to do these things themselves, however they are responsible for ensuring these things are done.

If you are interested in being an Area Captain (or if you just want to help one out), please e-mail operations@rockfordmaker.space

Meetup Coordinators

Rockford MakerSpace meetups are regularly scheduled meetings that provide learning and collaboration opportunities for individuals with like interests.

Additional information on these groups is on our website.

Meetup Coordinators organize the Rockford MakerSpace meetup groups. The coordinator is not necessarily the one that presents a topic at a meetup, but is responsible for ensuring that the meeting is relevant and worthwhile for the participants. Meetups can be coordinated by an individual or co-coordinators.

Meetup Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Establishing a regular meeting date, time, and location
  • Developing a schedule of presenters and/or topics (ideally several months out)
  • Posting to Meetup.com (if appropriate)
  • Coordinating space and equipment needs
  • “Opening the door” and ensuring participants feel welcome (If unable to attend, the coordinator is still responsible for organizing a replacement.)
  • Creating event publicity (for dissemination by Rockford MakerSpace Social Media Coordinator)
  • Posting photos and publicity of past events via website, Facebook, etc.
  • Responding to questions related to the Meetup

If you are interested in being a Meetup Coordinator for one of our current groups (or if you want to start a new meetup), please e-mail operations@rockfordmaker.space