Membership Rates

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Membership at Rockford MakerSpace is currently $50/month. Many discounts are available.

The benefits of membership include:

  • A keyfob for 24/7 entry
  • Storage space (subject to current availability)
  • Access to all tools, including member-only tools
    • Note: Some tools require proof of proficiency
  • The ability to host your guests here
  • 50% off workshop fees
  • Voting rights in makerspace decisions

Discounted Rates

In addition to the normal rates, some discounted rates have been created:

  • Couple rates (married only, but gender irrelevant): second membership = $30/mo
  • Senior membership = $25/month
  • Student (Full-time) = $25/month + 2 hrs/mo of shop help
  • Starving Hacker (financial hardship) = $25/month + 2 hrs/mo of shop help
  • Multi-month Discounts
    • Paying 6 months at once receives a 5% discount ($270 instead of $300)
    • Paying 12 months at once receives a 10% discount ($540 instead of $600)

Handling Fees

None at this time.