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These sites offer free graphics which can be used with our laser cutter/engraver and other tools. This list is provided for your convenience. Rockford MakerSpace is not affiliated with any of these sites, and the inclusion of any site(s) on this page does not imply any endorsement by Rockford MakerSpace or its members.

Vector Graphics

Of course, Google is always your friend:

   filetype:svg star trek
   filetype:svg mario
   filetype:svg pokemon

Online Training

There are many sources for help online. As with anything that you find online, some is good, some -- not so much. Here are some sites you may find helpful:

Vinyl Cutter Tutorials

Sure Cuts a Lot 3 software:

MH871-MK2 and MH365-MK2 Vinyl Cutters:

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please check back regularly for updates.