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Members (and hosted visitors) are free to work on their own projects, of course, and are not "required" to work on group projects. But anyone who would like to join us on some fun group projects are encouraged to consider joining the project team(s).

Here (in no particular order) are some of the things we're planning -- or at least thinking about:

  • retro arcade machine (done)
  • remote camera system "periscope" (on hold)
  • screen printing
    • screen-printed Rockford MakerSpace T-shirts
  • building a 3D printer (utilizing laser cutter to build some components)
  • home brewing automation
  • hydroponic veggie garden (on hold)
  • digital photo booth (utilizing Raspberry Pi)
  • voice controller (similar to Alexa, etc, and utilizing Raspberry Pi)
  • constructing a router pantograph
  • aluminum casting
  • robotics
    • battle bots
  • quadcopters (drones)
  • rocketry
  • full-size early-1900s horseless carriage replica
  • full-size multi-passenger hovercraft
  • mini hovercraft (hover seat?)
  • automated lawnmower

Got ideas for other projects? We'd love to hear them!

Members: Add you own project using our Project Proposal form and post it at the 'space.